Here are some of my recent papers:

”Leibniz and the Metaphysics of Powers.” Journal of the History of Philosophy, forthcoming.

”Leibniz on Possibilia, Creation, and the Reality of Essences” (with Arto Repo and Valtteri Viljanen). Philosophers’ Imprint, forthcoming.

“Force, Motion, and Leibniz’s Argument from Successiveness.” Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 103:4, 2021.

“Ideas and Reality in Descartes” (with Arto Repo). In Martina Reuter and Frans Svensson (eds.), Mind, Body, and Morality: New Perspectives on Descartes and Spinoza. London: Routledge, 2019.

“Appetite as Activity.” In Wenchao Li, et al. (eds.) “Für Unser Glück oder das Glück Anderer”. Vorträge des X. Internationalen Leibniz-Kongresses 2016, vol. 5.  Georg Olms Verlag: Hildesheim, 2016.

“Leibniz on Primitive Concepts and Conceiving Reality” (with Arto Repo). In Hemmo Laiho and Arto Repo (eds.), De Natura Rerum. Scripta in honorem professoris Olli Koistinen sexagesimum annum complentis. Turku: University of Turku, 2016.